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I adore you lots..


Preciously I adore you as my own,

Yet you ignore me like am unknown….

There is no greater pain than this,

A smile wish I had with you, which I miss….

You walk off like I am a wall of stone,

Its feels like a living dead so lone..

And yet the next day I come back,

Typing a text, adoration no lack..

You will never respect my care,

Gifted you are with love everywhere..

My care, therefore is no special to you,

Like the night sky, seeing no clouds in blue..


The morning of Jan 19, 2016

Title: I adore you lots

Hungered for your touch..

Sitting Lonely_Nav

Oh I am hungered for your touch,
Lonely and alone damn so much..
Time goes by so slowly,
I need you besides so lovely..

I wait besides the river,
Hoping to find you somewhere..
In time I wait to feel your love,
Drifting in thoughts, I speak,I love.

Pushed to so so far, away from all,
I just don’t know when I would fall..
Like the rivers only flow to the sea,
I run to you, into your arms to be..

Is it I am only a dreamer?
To my dreams I wake like a screamer.
It is endless love I wish to offer,
The fault lies in my stars.. to suffer..

I cant resist your tantalizing charm,
Every time its not around, in harm.
You shall mean my world to me..yes only you,
Like the clouds together with sky so blue.

Ohh… I stay hungered for your touch….

Sometimes Haunts..

Do you remember those times?
On the beach shore the sun shines..
Taking a walk on the yellow sand,
Legs dipped in water, hand in hand..

Somehow, I can’t get them off my mind,
Captive in it, but I don’t want to be..
Prisoner of the past, but that wont last,
I try hard to come out of it,
Just like I did to hold on to we..

Forgotten words and lost dreams,
All come to me loud with screams,
But then I see you on the other side,
Things you always wanted.. Now beside..

I have learnt to battle my thoughts,
Wage war on the reluctant negative,
Things that happen to put me down, lots..
Haunting to make me lost and sensitive..

Come To Me..



In my those darkest nights,
You showed me the way of lights..
There were times always besides,
Proving that the faith resides….

A gentle touch,
Longed for always, so much..
In those voice,
Echoed the trust in your choice….

A twinkling smile,
Walked on the beach for a mile..
In those eyes,
Every wink spoke unsung cries…

Oh baby, I am coming home..
Wait for me, wait for me..
I will be coming home…coming home..
Speak to me, oh speak to me..

Halo.. I miss….

I am so lonely

I can see everything tumbling down,
I can see all the hopes lost,
Cant find the light, but this is what I say..

I found a way to let you in,
That was the day we met,
Made you a promise not to leave,
To myself and not to you..

You dint hear those words,
Nor did i ever speak them out..
I had to break every rules that I made,
I took those risks which i never did,
You brought in a hope, that i had lost..
Cuz you lit a shine, with which..
You broke the dark on inside me..

All I had seen in you was,
The light which you dint know,
Halo is what i felt, Yes that was a Halo…
I could see halo, halo, halo all over…
I can still feel it besides,
I knows it still resides…
In me and around, but halo.. halo…
You the source aren’t around,

I did take all those steps,
But you kept me at bay,
I know you had chosen a way….
God never allowed my destiny to say…
Or may be it said and He never listened…
Today and ever I have no you..
The source of my halo gone away…
But I still live that light, which you lit…
I could see it in your eyes… halo..
In your talks, it was halo..
It found a way to touch my heart…
You are still the one….
I love that halo… halo… halo……

Love in silence..

Nav Love in silence

The look in your eyes,
Sweetness of your voice,
Been a decade yet so alive,
Times change but this dint,
With age stronger it grew…

You speak no word,
I come to understand, for I can listen,
Not the sound but the voice,
Of the thought that runs from your mind,
Reaches through the eyes,
This is divine, yes it is!!
Through the heart I then listen…

Gracefully sweet are your actions,
Times when I fret and frown,
You stay calm but not without tears,
The flow creates a sound, I can listen,
Heart is in pain, not shown on face,
I come to know, this is not the way.

Thoughts so nimble to I surrender,
This is the silence of love,
An understanding so blissful,
To life and after, I move with you,
Not with this body, but with my soul…

Untold Love..

Her Shadow

Knowing me like no one else does,
Like I want be known,

Seeing all those imperfections in me,
Yet, very perfect you made me feel,

You talk to me like no one does,
A deep silence with feelings untold,

Your presence lingers besides me,
Making me believe I am no alone,

Loneliness you killed in me,
The very moment I discovered you,

I feel so left out, weak and helpless,
Your silent presence makes me strong.

Finding The One..

nav_i wait for you_image

Somewhere in the hiding,
Hoping for the light to shine,
To show me the one loving,
To embrace the one as mine.

Oh wait wait.. then it screams,
The hope lost one inside me,
It annihilates positive dreams,
Those deeply wished to be.

Then I glance at this sweet angel,
Like the fairy tale blue eyed one,
Oh then he comes along so well,
My hopes lost again, I have no one.

But then deep inside me resides,
A hope that refuses to die,
I will see you, your smile besides,
You and I holy knot we tie.

Miss You Always..

in arms

And there she goes,
Gushing through my vein,
The thoughts of her,
Profound memories,
Of the touch and love
In every word and kiss,
Longing for it, I now miss.
Promised to stay besides,
Hand in hand always.
Cant see you tormenting,
The pain, the helplessness,
In your eyes, crying love.
Drifting away the soul in you,
Can never find a better new.
Few months left to show,
To your love, much I owe,
My life was meaningful,
A purpose that embraced in you,
Almighty I wish was more merciful.
As you breathe the last,
My beloved precious in my arms,
Those that protected all harms,
As I cuddle you, going numb,
It flew away like a bird.
Cant contain tears, not a word.
You reside in me, my heart beats,
Cant listen to its bleats.

Good Times.. A Better Tomorrow.



Girl on the sunset background.


Sometimes just keep wondering…
With confused thoughts wandering…
Racing through my mind so cluttered…
Entangled and lost, words muttered…

Unstable and unfixed on what is mine…
Need to be doing what, can’t fall in line…
Radiating with false and negative energy…
You lose of what was once your prodigy…

People change, times flow, and energy low…
Attack the dark side of you, a punch with blow…
Listen to the bright side of what is in you…
In this is your hidden treasure a life new…

They come to teach you for a better tomorrow…
Wiping your tears now away from sorrow…
Learn to meditate and believe in attracting…
All that is good in universe, life enchanting…